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To move or not to move??

When we started this blog we had just moved into a 5th wheel trailer. We had sold most of our belongings and what we did keep fit In a 10x10 storage unit that we had on the Central Coast of California (San Luis Obispo area). That was April 1st 2021.

We started traveling (we had several big events and some family we wanted to see) in Sept. 2021. We have enjoyed the time on the road, as a family and experiences we have gotten to have.

In the last few months we have had some friends sell their houses in California. Seeing what houses were selling for made it apparent that we would not be able to buy a house in California. And after much consideration, talking, late nights and prayer we decided to move out of California.

In some ways it was a hard decision, we love the area where we live and have sweet friends and a sister that's expecting a baby (all hard things to leave). Economically I am shocked we waited so long🤣. It's crazy expensive in California. And we are ready to have some land and a house of our own!

As we were thinking about where to move we thought about our priorities.

Being close to Christian friends/family, cost of living and job opportunities.

As we traveled around we visited Luther, Oklahoma.

Now I'm not going to say it was love at first sight. . . But we have some sweet Christian friends there. And we were able to find a piece of land that is in our budget (I can't wait to get settled after being on the road so much).

Looking forward to sharing more of this journey! And pray for us if you think of it, lots of changes happening around here.

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