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Missouri and on to Virginia.

We got to spend some time with friends for a week in Missouri. It was very relaxing and so fun to catch up with friends in that part of the world! I hardly got any pictures that week, I was so enjoying the time!

We decided to take it slow going to Virginia so we could stop a little on the way! One of the stops we made was at Lamberts Cafe - Home of the thrown rolls. Best fried Okra! If you are in Missouri this is a must!

We also stopped at a place called the Ark Encounter. They have a life size ark (built to scale from Noah's ark in the bible). It was very interesting and made me think differently about Noah and his family and all that they went through.

We got to Virginia to Caleb's grandparents house on Friday Nov. 5th. So thankful for all the safety we have had traveling.

And it's pretty amazing always having your bed and bathroom where ever you go! 😍

I don't know if I am ever going to want to travel without and RV!! 🤣

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