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Dogs and Oils

Well our poor puppy got put right in the truck for 2 days when we got him. Little guy got car sick about an hour after we left.

So we got to start using oils with him right away.

I put Peppermint in the diffuser (1 drop in my car diffuser - since it's a powerful smell in a small space). And we also put Digestzen on his tummy. He has done great since then.

I love knowing that I have good natural things to help Bailey

Using oils with pets is easy but here are a few tips.

**Less is more. They have very powerful/sensitive sense of smell, so start with one drop diluted.

**Make sure when diffusing your pet can move around freely and leave the room if necessary. (This is tricky in a car - I set the diffuser to come on intermittently so it wouldn't be over powering to him).

**When applying topically apply the oils to your hands and then rub on your pet.

Have you used oils with your pets before??

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