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Building a house!

I have always wanted to build a house with Caleb for our family (he was in construction when we got married). When we moved from Newfoundland to the States he changed his occupation. But he is back to construction.

And when we bought this property we wanted to finish or "build" a house inside the metal barn.

This is our plan for it!

I love seeing the potential! And planning where the garden is going to go, where we want the fire pit for roasting marshmellows and more. It's been so fun.

I have always wanted to put out hand prints in cement, so when we did the side porch we did it!

So fun.

And here is the framing started.

This is the living room standing in the dining area.

Looking at the bathroom and laundry room

This is the living room standing just inside the front door.

And this is looking at the kitchen area.

I have had lots of fun picking all the things out. I can't wait to show you more!!

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