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Anyone who knows our oldest knows that she LOVES animals especially dogs. She has wanted one for as long as I can remember.

We couldn't get a dog for a while being in a rental. Once we got in the trailer we decided we wanted to try and make it happen.

In Virginia we drove down this little side road and saw a sign for Havanese Puppies for sale. The rest is history!

We even got to surprise Adalyn with the puppy in a box (she always wanted to open a present with a puppy inside like Lady and the Tramp).

Bailey is now part of our family! He is the perfect size for the trailer. And has done so good traveling. He has gotten car sick twice (but we started using oils on him and it's been fine - more on that later).

It has been a lot of fun seeing the girls with Bailey. And my oldest has done AMAZING with the responsibility. So proud of her.

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